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Information for Programs

Program and College Responsibilities:

A Graduate Assistant Modification of Duty request is typically initiated by a GA. Programs are responsible for identifying a program contact to assist GAs who need to make a request. The program contact for helping the GA with the request policy, keeping other responsible parties involved (such as the chair, graduate associate dean or appropriate school administrator) informed, and helping assure that the GA understands their academic plan and degree requirements relative to the period of modification. Programs should also keep track of which GAs have requested and received an MOD, as in all but extraordinary circumstances GAs are limited to one modification during their time as a graduate student at WVU.

Colleges/schools are responsible for overseeing the request process, assuring policy is followed, keeping track of/retaining records of student requests, and consulting the Office of Graduate Education and Life when needed/required.

Programs/Colleges/Schools will not collect or receive documentation for MOD requests. Instead, the GA will submit documentation to WVU Medical Management per the instructions they will be sent.

More information can be found in the full text of the Graduate Assistant MOD Policy.

The MOD Request Process:

The GA will be asked to review the policy information and to initiate the request. Prior to starting, they should have had a discussion with the correct individuals in their program. The form will notify the program contact, the GA supervisor and the correct college or school contact that a request. It will also notify, when appropriate, International Scholars & Student Services and/or the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Once the request is submitted, the GA will receive instructions describing their next steps. They will work with WVU Medical Management to provide documentation. In cases involving new parent responsibilities, the ADA coordinator will be involved. GAs studying on a visa are advised to contact international Scholars & Students.

When the request process concludes, a notice will go out to all parties. The notice will state whether the MOD was approved or declined and include the dates of the MOD. In some cases GAs may be asked to submit documentation before they can resume GA duties.


Exceptions to this policy may be considered in extraordinary, documented circumstances. Appeals can be made in writing to the Office of Graduate Education and Life (  


Questions about Modifications of Duties and the MOD policy or process can be directed to the assistant provost for graduate education policy via