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There are many benefits to serving as a graduate assistant, including earning a salary, receiving a University tuition waiver, having health insurance and more.


Graduate assistants receive a minimum stipend for a regular (20 hours per week) assistantship of $15,000 for 9 months ($7,500 per semester) and for a partial (10 hours per week) assistantship of $7,500 for 9 months ($3,750 per semester).

Stipends align with the University’s payroll schedule, payable in equal biweekly installments.

Stipends are subject to income tax withholding. Graduate assistants are exempt from Social Security and Medicare taxes in the fall and spring terms, and when enrolled for at least 3 hours in the summer term.

Minimum stipends for summer assistantships are addressed in Eligibility and Enrollment Requirements.

Tuition Waivers

Graduate assistants receive a waiver of University tuition.

  • Regular graduate assistants have full-time University tuition (9 credits or more) waived.
  • Partial graduate assistants have 5 credits of University tuition waived.
  • Partial graduate assistants may also receive merit waiver hours from their program.
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Students who serve as regular (not partial) graduate assistants in both fall and spring are eligible to receive a tuition waiver in the following summer even if they are not a graduate assistant in the summer, with the approval of their school or college. Some schools, colleges, or programs that accept waivers during the fall and spring may not do so in the summer, so students interested in summer waivers must check to determine if they can receive them.

Payment of College tuition and University fees is the student’s responsibility, unless a College tuition scholarship is provided by the hiring unit or college/school.

Health Insurance

All graduate assistants are automatically enrolled in the WVU-sponsored student health insurance plan, if they do not waive the plan. Plan premiums for regular graduate assistants will be paid in full by the University and half the plan premium for partial graduate students will be paid by the University. For more information, view this website on graduate assistant insurance coverage or contact the Student Insurance Office.

Additional Benefits

Any other benefits or exceptions to the above benefits must be included in the assistantship letter of appointment.