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  1. Finding an Open Position
  2. Accepting a GA Position
  3. Starting as a GA


You can learn about available graduate assistantships through many ways. Hiring for fall term usually begins around March.

  • Explore in HandShake.
  • Ask faculty, staff, administrators and other GTAs in your program.
  • Contact programs or offices across campus that interest you.
  • Watch for e-mail announcements through the Grad Ed and Life newsletter, UNews or ENews.
  • Check through the Office of Student Employment.


Read up on graduate assistantship policies, eligibility guidelines, fulfillment requirements and tuition waiver instructions in advance of accepting a GA position.

Review GA Policies

Make sure that you are eligible for an assistantship, and that you can fulfill all assistantship requirements.

Confirm that your graduate program accepts GA tuition waivers to cover your University tuition. If your program does not accept tuition waivers, you cannot hold an assistantship. In these circumstances, you may be able to secure a student worker position in place of an assistantship. Student worker positions provide hourly pay, but no tuition waivers.

Restrictions on Use of Waivers

Receive a written offer of an assistantship that includes information about the terms and conditions of the assistantship. Here’s what a Sample Assistantship Appointment Letter looks like.

All graduate assistants must be provided with a contract or letter of agreement, and should be evaluated at the end of each semester.


Make sure that your GA supervisor (or the appropriate business office) submits your information to Payroll prior to the start of your assistantship.

Complete Payroll Processing if you have not previously been employed at WVU.

Prior to the start of classes each semester, confirm that your Student Account shows a University tuition waiver. To check on a missing waiver, first contact your supervisor to make sure that a waiver form has been submitted and then check with the Hub.

Prior to the start of classes each semester (and after Payroll Processing, if required), confirm that your Student Account shows a deduction of the student insurance premium. See the Student Insurance Office website for more information, especially in regards to GA Coverage.