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West Virginia University offers graduate assistants (GAs) an opportunity to apply for a period of time away from assistantship duties. The request may be made when the GA requires time for the birth/adoption of a child, for illness or injury, bereavement or to care for an immediate family member with a serious health condition. During the time away, known as a Modification of Duty (MOD), the GA may keep their stipend and associated assistantship benefits.

An MOD applies only to assistantship responsibilities. GAs must also discuss their academic plans with the appropriate advisor(s) for their program.

The application process was designed to assure that the request for an MOD involves all the appropriate offices at WVU while handling sensitive information correctly. Graduate Assistants are advised that before applying they should read through all the information provided on the Office of Graduate Education’s website. Once started, the application must be completed in Full. It will not save and must be finished in one sitting. Prior to starting an application all of the following should be complete:

  • Read the policy and the information for Graduate Assistants  initiating a request
  • Consult your graduate program
  • Prepare all of the following/be ready with the following information, all of which will be necessary for completing the request:

  1. Personal Information 

    a. Name, WVU ID, MIX Email

    b. Program and Degree (e.g. MA, PhD, etc.)

    c. The appropriate name and university email of the individual in your program who is responsible for assisting with MOD requests (you will also select your college)

  2. Assistantship Information

    a. Department or Unit where GA is located

    b. Supervisor’s name and WVU email

    c. Dates of your GA appointment (see appointment letter)

    d. Type of GA (full or partial and role)

  3. Reason for Request

    a. You will be asked to make a selection (new parent, bereavement, injury/illness, immediate family member’s injury or illness)

    b. Requested Start and End Dates for the MOD (you will select whether or not this is an extension of an existing MOD)

  4. List of the GA responsibilities that will need coverage

    a. Teaching, service or research responsibilities

    b. Description of tasks and their frequency

    c. Description of anything that is urgent or time sensitive

Before you initiate an request for an MOD, please see Information for Graduate Assistants. Questions can be directed to the Office of Graduate Education and Life at