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Information for Graduate Assistants

Prior to initiating your request, you must be prepared to submit all of the following:

  1. Personal Information

    a. Name, WVU ID, MIX Email

    b. Program and Degree (e.g. MA, PhD, etc.)

    c. The appropriate name and university email of the individual in your program who is responsible for assisting with MOD requests (you will also select your college)

  2. Assistantship Information

    a. Department or Unit where GA is located

    b. Supervisor’s name and WVU email

    c. Dates of your GA appointment (see appointment letter)

    d.  Type of GA (full or partial and role)

  3. Reason for Request

    a. You will be asked to make a selection (new parent, bereavement, injury/illness, immediate family member’s injury or illness)

    b. Requested Start and End Dates for the MOD (you will select whether or not this is an extension of an existing MOD)

  4. List of the GA responsibilities that will need coverage

    a. Teaching, service or research responsibilities

    b. Description of tasks and their frequency

    c. Description of anything that is urgent or time sensitive

Next Steps Following the Submission of an MOD request:

  1. You will receive an email that provides you with your next steps, based on the reason for the MOD that you selected

    a. You will never submit documentation to your graduate program or college; documentation will be handled by WVU Medical Management or an appropriate office

  2. Requests will require submitting documentation to medical management. 

    a. Questions about working with medical management or your MOD can be submitted to

    b. General questions regarding GA MODs or the request process can be directed to

  3. Should your MOD request be based on new parenting responsibilities, you will also be advised that you will work with WVU’s ADA coordinator. Instructions will be provided once your request has been submitted

    a. Questions can be directed to

  4. GAs who are studying on a visa should notify International Students & Scholars Services (ISSS) that they are requesting an MOD. 

    a. This can be done by emailing

    b. ISSS will advise on additional steps or requirements

  5. When the process is complete, you will receive a final response to your request

    a. The response will include whether your request was approved or declined

    b. Notifications will be sent to your program contact, GA supervisor, and college or school

    c. You may be instructed of additional follow up that will be required toward the conclusion of your MOD


  • Illness/Injury: Personal illness including physical and/or mental injury, or care of an immediate family member suffering from personal illness or injury, that extends beyond two weeks and is no longer than six weeks.
  • Death: Death of an immediate family member that requires time away from the University that extends beyond two weeks and is no longer than six weeks.
  • New Parent Responsibilities: A GA who gives birth will be granted a period of six weeks (or up until the last day of the assignment) following childbirth and eight weeks following delivery by caesarian section. This same leave (six weeks) is available for a GA who adopts a child. If extended medical treatment is required prior to the birth of a child, or a situation develops because of complications during or following the birth of a child, the college will work with the Office of Grad Ed and Life and other appropriate entities to request an additional MOD.

An immediate family member for the purpose of this policy is defined as: father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister, husband, wife, mother-in-law, father-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, grandmother, grandfather, granddaughter, grandson, stepmother, stepfather, step children, or others considered to be members of the household and living under the same roof.


GAs are eligible to take one MOD during the duration of their time as a graduate student at WVU.

Initiate a Request for a GA Modification of Duty Here .