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Some graduate programs do not allow their students to use University tuition waivers or place restrictions on who can and cannot use waivers.

Keep in mind…

Graduate assistantships are accompanied by a full or partial tuition waiver. All graduate assistants must receive the appropriate tuition waiver to receive graduate assistantship benefits.

Students are responsible for determining if waivers can be used for particular programs or courses.

Students must receive permission from their program to receive any kind of tuition waiver.

Graduate and professional programs and courses that restrict students’ use of University tuition waivers.

Some programs may restrict the use of waivers even if they are not listed.

  • Health Sciences
    • All programs (including Schools of Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Public Health). Students must obtain permission from their program to seek or hold a graduate assistantship or to receive waivers.
  • Most WVU Online and Hybrid programs
    • Students must obtain permission from their program to seek or hold a graduate assistantship or to receive waivers.
  • Special Intercession courses.
    • Waivers may not be used for Special Intercession courses.
  • John Chambers College of Business and Economics
    • Students enrolled in any in-person master's level program are permitted to use waivers in the fall and spring semester but may not receive a waiver of tuition during a summer term.
    • In extraordinary circumstances, a small number of waivers may be granted during a summer term. For consideration, an appeal should be made to the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs, Research and Academic Affairs.
  • Eberly College of Arts and Sciences
    • The graduate certificate in Quantitative & Qualitative Social science Research Methods does not accept tuition waivers.
    • The Master of Legal Studies (MLS) does not allow students to hold a graduate assistantship but does accept some forms of waivers. Please speak with the program for additional information.
    • The School of Social Work permits graduate assistantships for students enrolled in the in-person MSW program. Students enrolled in the online MSW program are not eligible to receive graduate assistantships.
  • College of Applied Human Sciences
    • Students in the master's Speech-Language Pathology program are restricted from all graduate assistantships while enrolled in CSAD 718: Externship in Speech Pathology/Audiology.
    • Students in the Doctorate of Audiology program are restricted from all graduate assistantships while enrolled in CSAD 789: Audiology Residency.

General Program Guidelines

Graduate or professional programs that restrict students’ use of University tuition waivers must:

  • Convey this information to potential applicants to the program so that applicants are aware that they may not be allowed to seek graduate assistantships or merit, employee, or special program waivers to defray the costs of their program.
  • Regularly inform students admitted to the program of restrictions on their ability to seek and obtain graduate assistantships or merit, employee, or special program waivers.

Permission Guidelines

If only some students in a program are to be allowed to seek assistantships or waivers, the procedures for obtaining program permission must be clearly conveyed to students.

If a student in a program that does not normally allow the use of waivers is given permission to apply for an assistantship or waiver from a unit other than their own program, this permission must be conveyed in writing to the hiring unit (for an assistantship) or the waiver granting unit (for other waivers).

Hiring units and waiver granting units (other than a student’s own program) must receive written permission from a student’s program before considering a student for a graduate assistantship or waiver if the student is in one of the programs listed below.

Because other programs may at times place restrictions on students’ ability to obtain assistantships or waivers, it is good practice for hiring or waiver-granting units to ask students from other programs to confirm that their program will allow them to have their University tuition waived prior to accepting an application for an assistantship or waiver from the student.

Value of Tuition Waivers

Online Priced-to-Market Programs assess tuition and determine the value of tuition waivers differently than other WVU graduate programs.

As of Spring 2023, these Online Priced-to-Market Programs include Business Cybersecurity Management, Business Data Analytics, Human Resources Leadership, Forensic and Fraud Examination, the online MS in Economics, the Healthcare MBA, the Online Hybrid MBA, the Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC), and Data Marketing Communications (DMC). Rather than waiving the standard amount for University tuition, GA, employee, and merit waivers reduce students’ tuition charges by $375 per credit hour. Pleas note, the Doctorate of Business Administration will no longer accept tuition waivers.

For more information on this tuition assessment format and fee waiving process, please contact WVU Online or individual program directors.