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New to Grad School? Join the Peer Mentorship Program


Participate in Grad Ed and Life's Graduate Peer Mentorship program, which matches new graduate students with graduate students who are further along in their studies. Interested in learning about the program and the benefits of peer mentorship?  

Mentors and mentees can talk about their graduate school experiences and ways to persist in graduate school. They also can participate in workshops and other activities on the value of mentorship. Topics may include:

  • Time management 
  • Tips on talking to your adviser 
  • Living in Morgantown 
  • Finding faculty who have similar research interests 
  • Tips for succeeding and persisting in graduate school  
  • Campus resources and connections 
  • Perspectives on academic progress and expectations in graduate school including comprehensive exams, PhD candidacy, dissertation/thesis writing research, academic integrity and others. 

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