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Southern Regional Education Board State Doctoral Scholars Program

The Southern Regional Education Board State Doctoral Scholars Program aims to increase the number of minority students who earn doctorates to become faculty at colleges and universities.

The Doctoral Award offers three years of direct program support and two years of institutional support from the scholar’s college, university and/or department, through a $20,000 annual stipend.

Each recipient is awarded up to five years of university-covered tuition and fees (unless the institution prohibits a fee waiver). Professional development and expenses to attend the annual Institute on Teaching and Mentoring are also covered.

West Virginia University is among the dozens of participating institutions in and out of the SREB region.

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Three-to-Five-Year Package

You may apply for this award if you have:

  • Been admitted into a Ph.D. program and not begun the second year of doctoral study.
  • Applied to a doctoral program, but have not been notified of admittance by the fellowship application deadline. Only applicants who can provide proof of admittance will be considered for the award.

The 3-5 Year Package is intended for students in their first year OR expecting admission before the academic year begins.

Benefits include:

  • Up to three years of an annual $20,000 stipend from the DSP program, and two years from the institution.
  • Up to five years of an annual tuition waiver, and fee waiver (if allowed by institution)
  • Professional development opportunities

Dissertation Award: One year package

You may apply for this award if you have:

  • completed all coursework AND
  • Have, or will have, defended the dissertation prospectus before the academic year begins

Benefits include:

  • $20,000 stipend support (one year)
  • Tuition waiver and fees waiver (if allowed by institution for one year)
  • $500 academic support (one time use)
  • Professional development opportunities


This program accepts new doctoral scholars annually. The application opens in January and closes March 31 each year.

To determine if you are eligible and can apply for this program, click here


Tiffany Harrison- Scholar Services Coordinator, SREB State Doctoral Scholars Program