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Self-Study Form Instructions

Graduate programs must comply with the Board of Governors’ requirement to produce a self-study report and to have that self-study report examined by the Graduate Council every five years. These reports are designed to encourage programs to consider carefully what they do and how they do it.

The self-study reports should be completed using the appropriate forms listed below. Instructions for completing each section of the forms is provided both within each form and below.

For the purpose of these reviews, a program is defined by the WVU curriculum matrix (available at The combination of a degree program title and designation indicates a program. Multiple majors may be included in a degree program. With the consent of the Associate Provost for Graduate Academic Affairs, a self-study report may include more than one program (for example, masters and doctoral programs may be combined in one report when much of the information is the same for each) or separate components of a program (such as different majors) may have separate self-study reports. The unique features of each program must be specifically addressed in a combination report. A certificate program listed in the curriculum matrix requires a separate self-study report.


Complete a cover sheet for each program. A separate cover sheet is needed for each certificate or degree program at each level (i.e., master’s, doctoral), even if only one self-study form is submitted. Upload a scan of the signed cover sheet(s) into the self-study form where indicated.

Complete a faculty data form for each faculty member involved in a degree or certificate program. In the case of accredited degree programs, complete a form only for faculty members who were not included in the accreditation self-study. Upload a single file containing faculty data forms into the self-study form where indicated.

Select one of the following self-study forms, as appropriate:

Self-study form for a graduate degree program

Both accredited and nonaccredited programs may use this form. If the information requested in an item is available in the accreditation self-study, the page numbers where the information can be obtained should be provided. If there have been changes related to an item since the accreditation process was completed, also note those changes in the form.

Self-study form for a graduate certificate program

Self-study form completion and submission instructions

To complete the program review process, please first complete the following forms/documents:

  1. Signed cover page - scan to pdf
  2. Complete either the Self-study form for a graduate degree program or the Self-study form for a graduate certificate program.
  3. Compiled faculty data form file (a single file containing all faculty data forms)

Once you have the completed program review files please go to the WVU Program Review File Upload Portal and upload the files for submission. Please complete this process by December 15, 2017.