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Program of Excellence Criteria

Statement on Criteria for Designation of Board of Governors “Program of Excellence”

As part of the WVU Board of Governors program review process, programs can request to be considered for the designation, “Board of Governors Program of Excellence.” The program when preparing the supporting statement should consider the following criteria. A program being considered for the excellence designation should meet all of these criteria.

The self-study document should provide a convincing statement and include adequate supporting data. Documented evidence of high quality is required. Mere assertion of quality or lists of accomplishments will not suffice. The case will be much stronger if placed in the context of national benchmarks.

Requests for the Board of Governors Program of Excellence designation will be considered by the Graduate Council, which will nominate those programs they feel are worthy of this designation. The Provost will review the nominations and endorse those that are appropriate. The Board of Governors will consider the nominations endorsed by the Provost and certify those that they deem appropriate as a Board of Governors Program of Excellence.