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Summer Assistantships

Due to the highly flexible and varied nature of academic activities during the summer term, greater flexibility in graduate assistantship assignments is allowed in the summer than in the fall and spring terms. See below for information about work hours, stipends, minimum enrollment, and special paycheck considerations (related to determining how many credits to enroll in for the summer term).

Work Hours
  • In general, graduate assistants should be expected to work an average of 20 hours per week during the time they are appointed to a graduate assistantship. However, some assistantships in the summer term may require longer work hours during short time periods or shorter work hours during long time periods.
  • Summer graduate assistants may hold any combination of assistantships and hourly worker positions on campus during the summer as long as their total work hours do not exceed 240 hours for the summer term. Rules for additional employment do not apply in the summer term.
  • Graduate assistant stipends in the summer must meet or exceed the WVU minimum stipend currently in effect for 9-month assistantships, prorated appropriately. As of Fall 2022, the WVU minimum stipend is $14,250 for 9 months, which equals a stipend of 4,750 for the full 12 week period for 20 hours per week. Summer stipends should not greatly differ from the stipend rate provided during the regular academic year for similar work. 
  • A graduate assistantship must pay at least the equivalent of one month of the WVU minimum 9-month stipend (currently $1,583) to qualify a student for a University tuition waiver during the summer. 
  • Graduate assistantships in the summer should be similar to assistantships during the fall and spring terms with respect to the type of work required and other considerations in this section on Graduate Assistantship Policies. Graduate students hired primarily for clerical, manual, or similar work that does not contribute to their professional skills and knowledge should be hired as hourly workers.
Minimum Enrollment

Special Summer Paycheck Considerations (Summer 2019)


Student X is offered a graduate teaching assistantship in the summer that will pay her $1,500. She qualifies for resident tuition in a graduate program in the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences, so her College tuition is $42 per credit and her University fees are $73 per credit.

A (FICA and Medicare withholding if she enrolls in <3 credits) = $1,500 x .0765 = $114.75

B (College tuition and University fees for 1 credit) = $115

C (College tuition and University fees for 2 credits) = $230

D (College tuition and University fees for 3 credits) = $345

Her total costs for enrolling in 1, 2, or 3 credits would be:

A+B = $229.75 for 1 credit

A+C = $344.75 for 2 credits

D = $345 for 3 credits

She would have the highest take-home pay by enrolling in 1 credit. She would also have higher take-home pay by enrolling in 3 credits than in 2 credits.

  • Note that graduate assistants’ enrollment status is determined about 15 days prior to each paycheck.
  • Graduate assistants with any questions about tax withholding (including State and Federal withholding) should contact Tax Services (304-293-3379×3 or