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HSTA Graduates

Health Science and Technology Academy (HSTA) graduates are eligible to receive University tuition waivers for their graduate education in programs related to health or science at West Virginia University. Students must apply to programs and be accepted through the regular admissions process. HSTA waivers may be applied to University tuition only. Many Schools and Colleges will also provide a College tuition scholarship to HSTA students, but students will need to request consideration for such a scholarship from the appropriate Dean’s Office. Requests for HSTA University tuition waivers should be submitted by HSTA staff to the Office of Graduate Education and Life.

Please refer to the information and guidelines for all tuition waivers.

All WVU Health Sciences Center programs accept HSTA waivers. Provided below is a list of WVU non-Health Sciences Center graduate programs related to health or science that will accept HSTA waivers for on-campus programs only.

Approved programs related to science:
  • Animal and Nutritional Sciences (MS)
  • Biology (MS, PhD) 
  • Business Data Analytics (MS)
  • Chemistry (MS, PhD) 
  • Computational Statistics (PhD) 
  • Computer Science (PhD)
  • Economics (MA, PhD) 
  • Engineering (all fields) (MS, PhD) 
  • Forensic and Investigative Science (MS) 
  • Geography (MA, PhD) 
  • Geology (MS, PhD) 
  • Genetics and Developmental Biology (MS, PhD) 
  • Mathematics (MS, PhD) 
  • Plant and Soil Sciences (MS) 
  • Physics (MS, PhD)
  • Political Science (MA, PhD) 
  • Psychology (MS, PhD) 
  • Reproductive Physiology (MS, PhD) 
  • Statistics (MS, PhD) 
Approved programs related to health: