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Tuition Waivers

Waivers of University tuition are provided for graduate students with assistantships and fellowships, for graduate students who are awarded merit waivers, and for eligible WVU employees. Guidelines and instructions for each of these types of waivers are provided in this section. These waivers cover University tuition only. College tuition and University fees cannot be waived, so students are responsible for paying these costs unless they are paid by another source. Students may only receive tuition waivers from one source for each term unless they are on a partial graduate assistantship, in which case they are allowed to receive merit tuition waivers in addition to the 5 credits of waiver provided as part of their assistantship. Exceptions require permission from the Office of Graduate Education and Life.
Gift aid, including the value of tuition waivers, is potentially taxable income to students and employees. Individuals may contact Tax Services for information concerning tax implications of tuition waivers.

Students admitted to WVU graduate programs who have been awarded fellowships from sources outside of WVU that do not cover tuition should contact the Office of Graduate Education and Life to determine if a University tuition waiver can be provided to them.

Some programs and courses restrict students’ use of graduate tuition waivers. These restrictions are described more fully in the section on Restrictions on Graduate Tuition Waivers, and should be reviewed by students seeking graduate assistantships or merit or employee waivers as well as units seeking to hire students as graduate assistants or granting merit or employee waivers.

A waiver form must be submitted each term. See the information in this section as well as the forms themselves for information on who must complete, approve, and submit the form. The deadline to submit University tuition waiver forms to the Office of Student Accounts for each term is: