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Tuition Waivers

Waivers of University tuition are provided for graduate students with assistantships and fellowships; for graduate students who are awarded merit waivers by their college, school, or academic program; for eligible WVU and WVU Research Corporation employees, and for graduate students selected for special waiver programs. General guidelines and instructions for waivers are provided below and more specific information is provided in the descriptions of each type of waiver.

General guidelines for graduate tuition waivers:
Submitting tuition waiver forms

Waiver forms must be submitted for eligible students each term. Employee waiver forms must be initiated by the student employee who is requesting the waiver. Assistantship, fellowship, merit, and special program waiver forms must be submitted by appropriate University staff members (not by students). See the information in the description of each type of waiver as well as the forms themselves for guidelines on who must complete, approve, and submit the form. To the extent possible, waiver forms should be submitted well ahead of the first student billing date for each academic term so that students will not be billed or assessed late fees for University tuition.

The target deadline to submit tuition waiver forms to the Office of Student Accounts for each term is: