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Hazel Ruby McQuain Graduate Scholarship

2023 Hazel Ruby McQuain Graduate Scholarship


Scholarship Overview

The Hazel Ruby McQuain Graduate Scholarship is designed to financially support outstanding West Virginia residents to pursue and complete a graduate degree from a West Virginia institution of higher education or an accredited higher education institution outside of the State, but within the United States. Moreover, the spirit of this merit award is to honor Mrs. Ruby McQuain’s legacy of service to the state of West Virginia by investing in residents who:

About Hazel Ruby McQuain

Hazel Ruby McQuain, a business woman and benefactor, was born Hazel Lera Robinson on March 22, 1909, in Coshocton, Ohio, where she grew up with six siblings. She graduated from Rosco High School at age 17, and three months later, she married John Wesley Ruby in 1926.

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Ruby bought a small grocery store in Newcomerstown, Ohio, which she managed while he worked at Sterling Faucet Co. In 1940, they moved to Morgantown, WV, where J.W. Ruby was put in charge of the Sterling Plant. He became the owner after World War II and operated it until he sold it in 1968.

They soon became involved in numerous endeavors, including agriculture, mining, road paving, poultry processing, feed mills, and raising racehorses and miniature schnauzers. Hazel worked seven days a week when Mr. Ruby was beginning his business ventures. Mr. Ruby died in 1972. After his death, Hazel served as president of Ruby Enterprises, Inc. She later turned her interests toward community service. In 1981, she was remarried to J. Burl “Mac” McQuain.

Hazel Ruby McQuain was devoted to the community development of Morgantown and its surrounding areas. She was a member of numerous local organizations and was active in Wesley United Methodist Church. Her generous contribution provided funds to organize the Morgantown Hospice in 1983. A hybrid alumna of West Virginia University, Fairmont State College and Alderson-Broaddus College in Phillipi, she was a faithful and generous supporter of all three institutions.

Her donations to Morgantown and WVU established programs, recreational facilities, and university chairs. Due to her generous contribution to its development in memory of her husband, Ruby Memorial Hospital, which opened in 1988, is named in his honor. Her generosity also extended to Monongalia General Hospital. Late in life, Hazel was a benevolent supporter of the development of the riverfront. The riverfront park in the Wharf District bears her name.

Hazel Ruby McQuain died June 2002, in Morgantown. Her generosity and support of this community will forever be remembered and appreciated.

Award Information

The Hazel Ruby McQuain Graduate Scholarship will provide up to two years of financial support for master’s degree scholarship recipients and three years of financial support for doctoral degree scholarship recipients. The following benefits will be provided to scholarship recipients who enroll in a graduate program at a West Virginia institution of higher education or an accredited higher education institution outside of the State, but within the United States.     

Applicant Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must:

 Application Process

Eligible applicants must complete the online application form by Sunday, March 19, 2023 no later than 11:59 pm. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered. It is the applicant’s responsibility to assure their recommenders submit letters by the recommender deadline. Applications lacking recommendations submitted by the deadline will be considered incomplete and will not be reviewed.

Online applications will require PDF copies of the five items listed below: 

Three letters of recommendation: one must be from a faculty member, one must be from a community service organization the applicant served, and a third letter must be from an individual significantly qualified to address the applicant’s specific qualifications and characteristics for the scholarship. Each recommendation must detail how the scholarship applicant meets the scholarship overview, eligibility requirements, and specifically address the public service and active leadership involvement criteria. 

All recommendation letters must be formatted as PDF files and be directly submitted by the recommender to by Thursday, March 23, 2023, no later than 11:59 pm. Completed and/or incomplete applications received after this date and time will not be considered. Incomplete applications include letters of recommendation submitted directly by the recommender received past the deadline.

Selection Process

Members of the Hazel Ruby McQuain Graduate Scholarship Selection Committee will review each application. This committee is comprised of faculty and administrative representatives from five different institutions of higher education in West Virginia. As the administrator of the Scholarship, West Virginia University Office of Graduate Education and Life will be one of the five representatives of the Selection Committee. Award selections will be based on the quality of the submitted information. The selection process is a holistic review of each applicant. 

Attention will be given to applicants’ undergraduate and/or graduate academic record, personal statement, and letters of recommendation. Special attention will be paid to applicants’ record of public service, active leadership involvement, and how the graduate program of study will contribute to the State of West Virginia for the betterment of West Virginians. All deadlines are firm and applicants should carefully examine the rules for submission detailed above and work with their recommenders to assure timely receipt of all application materials. The selection process will be completed during the first week of May, 2023 with notice provided to each applicant during the second week of May, 2023.