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Jill Riddell

Jill Riddell

Advisor: Dr. Dorothy Vesper

Jill Riddell earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Kentucky in 2011 and her master’s from WVU in 2015, with both degrees focused on geology. Since then, she has been working in environmental consulting and compliance in Morgantown. During her education at WVU, Riddell served as co-president of the WVU chapter of Sigma Gamma Epsilon, an honor society for geology and earth science students. Through this society, Riddell was able to unite graduate and undergraduate students through their common interest of geology. With the Ruby Fellowship, Riddell plans to continue her graduate education and her research at WVU. “Specifically, it is my goal to combine laboratory and field experiments, using skills developed during my master’s research, to model the transport of contaminants in real-world karst systems,” said Riddell. “My PhD at WVU will not only help me achieve my academic and professional goals, but also allow me to be a part of a larger institution dedicated to training scientists and professionals to use their skills to benefit the immediate community and the world.” “With a PhD from WVU, I will be able to continue research that not only benefits WVU and West Virginia, but also conduct research that will make a real world impact.”

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