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Stitzel Emergency Fund

Please note: Students may file a Family Contribution Appeal to be considered for funding through the We are Stronger Together Scholarship. The Student Financial Aid Office coordinates the allocation process and more information can be found here:

The Dr. Robert E. Stitzel Emergency Fund program was established in honor of  Dr. Stitzel’s many contributions to WVU and the graduate education community. 
Dr. Stitzel 

The Robert E. Stitzel Emergency Fund for graduate and professional students assist those who experience unexpected and documented financial hardship that negatively impacts their academic life and progress. This program, managed by the Office of Graduate Education and Life, is designed to assist those who cannot reasonably resolve their financial hardship through other financial or community resources.

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PLEASE NOTE: Due to Covid-19, there is a growing number of students who are requesting assistance through our Stitzel fund.


  • One must exhaust all other financial and community resources before consideration.
  • No reasonably anticipated expense will be considered a financial hardship
  • Students must meet with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs of their enrolled academic college for assistance before consideration
  • Domestic students must meet with Student Financial Aid for assistance before consideration
  • International students must meet with Global Affairs for assistance before consideration
  • First year international students are not eligible for consideration as they must demonstrate sufficient financial resources for their first year of study prior to admission to the university
  • Students must not have an outstanding balance on their university student account before consideration
  • Student must be in good standing (academic, financial, conduct) before consideration
  • Student must be enrolled in a master’s or doctoral level graduate or professional program of study (this excludes graduate certificates)
  • Students with questions about eligibility may email


  • Applicants must complete the online application
    • Student must provide sufficient information to support an unexpected and documented financial hardship that negatively impacts their academic life and progress
    • Student must provide sufficient information that documents that they have exhausted all other financial and community resources
    • Student must provide sufficient information to support they have met with campus resources, as listed above, and these resources are not able to provide assistance
    • Student must provide verification from a campus professional (faculty, academic advisor, associate dean) that such financial hardship is negatively impacting their academic life and progress

  • Student may be asked to meet with OGEL staff to elaborate on their financial hardship
  • Requests are reviewed on a case by case basis


  • A financial award will not exceed one thousand dollars ($1000)
  • A financial award is allocated to the student through Student Accounts

  • A financial award does not have to be repaid to the university

  • A financial award may be considered taxable income and/or part of a student’s financial aid package. Students are strongly encouraged to learn more about the federal tax guidelines for students and/or contact a tax professional of assistance and to review the most current information about WVU tax policies. Note: WVU does not provide individual tax advice. Students should also consult with student financial aid on the impact their financial aid package in receiving an award

  • Student is not eligible for a financial award for one calendar year after receiving support from this program

  • Students who receive a financial award from the Stitzel Emergency Fund are expected to send a thank you note to the Dr. Robert E. Stitzel family to express their gratitude for the programs assistance in addressing their financial hardship