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Emergency Assistance

  Dr. Stitzel
The Dr. Robert E. Stitzel Emergency Fund and Crisis University Tuition Waiver program was established in honor of Dr. Stitzel’s many contributions to WVU and the graduate education community.

The Stitzel Emergency Fund and Crisis University Tuition Waiver program is managed by the Office of Graduate Education and Life (OGEL) and is reserved to assist graduate students who experience an unexpected financial emergency or unanticipated extenuating circumstance causing financial hardship. This program is designed to assist graduate and professional students who cannot reasonably resolve their financial difficulty through loans or other resources.

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Application Process

Applicants must complete the  online application. Additional documentation may be required by OGEL.

Examples of eligible emergencies include:

Examples of non-eligible expenses include:

Note that these lists are not exhaustive, and OGEL reviews emergency requests on a case-by-case basis. These lists are to remind applicants that emergency funds and University tuition crisis waivers are reserved for unexpected financial emergencies that are beyond students’ control.

Award Conditions and Amounts