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Nomination: Ruby Distinguished Doctoral Fellowships

The Ruby Distinguished Doctoral Fellowship nomination deadline is Sunday, February 9, 2020, no later than 11:59 p.m.


Students’ online graduate application materials will be used to evaluate fellowship nominations, as well as all supplemental information that is provided by the student if some criterion is required by the department/program graduate admissions application.  The fellowship selection committee will evaluate nominees on the following criteria:

  1. GPA (minimum GPA for all nominees must be 3.2 for undergraduate or 3.5 for graduate course work).
  2. Strength of graduate admissions application essay. If a graduate admissions essay is not required by the department/program, the student must submit an essay to the nominating faculty member that outlines their short- and long-range goals, projected research topic at WVU, and how they believe their research will impact their specific discipline. 
  3. Strength of GRE scores.
  4. Strength of graduate application letters of recommendation (two letters of recommendation are required).
  5. Strength of CV or resume.
  6. Strength of letter of support from the WVU program or faculty member making the nomination.

Given the decentralized structure of WVU’s graduate education enterprise, the Office of Graduate Education and Life (OGEL) fully recognizes that some departments/programs may not require the complete set of criteria listed above. Therefore, faculty members must ask students to submit any missing criterion; this information must be submitted as part of the nomination.


Nominations must be submitted by an individual faculty member or by an academic program; students cannot apply for this fellowship. There is no nomination limit for this fellowship. Note that faculty members and programs are encouraged to only nominate their most qualified applicants for this fellowship. Finalists will be invited to campus to interview with the selection committee, and awardees will be notified by early April. WVU names up to four new Ruby Scholars each year


Ruby Distinguished Doctoral Fellowship recipients are selected by the Ruby Foundation Fellowship committee.  


Nominations for Ruby, Swiger, STEM, Du Bois, and University Provost Fellowships must be submitted via the online   Fellowship Nomination Form. (NOTE: a nominator must only fill out this form once for their student to be considered for all available fellowships.) The following information is needed to complete an online fellowship nomination form:
  1. The nominee’s full name.
  2. A brief letter/statement of support (maximum one page) from either the college/school representative or a college/school in the department/program that outlines how the nominee will potentially contribute to the program’s mission.
  3. Any required documents that may not be required by the college/school on the graduate admissions application.
Please  contact the Office of Graduate Education and Life at or 304.293.7173 for assistance.