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2018 3MT Finalists

Brooke Eastman Brooke Eastman, PhD student
“The Balance of Nature in the Face of Global Change”
Advisor: Dr. William Peterjohn
Biology, Eberly College                

Farnoush Reshadi
Farnoush Reshadi, PhD student
“When Trusting Doctors May Be Bad for Well-being: Consumer Understanding of Off-Label Prescription Risks and Benefits”
Advisor: Dr. M. Paula Fitzgerald
Marketing, Business and Economics

Jenny OzgaJenny Ozga, PhD Student
“ADHD Medications: Do they Help or Hurt Decision-Making?”
Advisor: Dr. Karen G. Anderson
Psychology, Eberly College

Mariah CrilleyMariah Crilley, PhD student
Material Disease: Agency and Illness in Early American Literature
Advisor: Dr. Timothy Sweet
English, Eberly College

Mayara Patricia Viana de MatosMayara Patricia Viana de Matos, PhD student
“Hair doesn't lie”
Advisor: Dr. Glen P. Jackson
Biology, Eberly College

Megan McGee
Megan McGee, PhD student
“Conflict and Community: The Moravians and Native Americans in Pennsylvania during the Seven Years’ War”
Advisor: Dr. Matthew Vester
History, Eberly College
Minh Do

Minh Do, PhD student
Something new under the sun: earth abundant metals and a hopeful future for global energy prosperity
Advisor: Dr. Carsten Milsmann
Chemistry, Eberly College

Trina Perrone
Trina Perrone, PhD student
“Catalyzing Change in Pharmaceuticals”
Advisor: Dr. Brian Popp
Chemistry, Eberly College

William Armentrout William Armentrout, PhD student
“A User's Guide to Mapping Our Galaxy Far, Far Away”
Advisor: Dr. Loren Anderson
Physics and Astronomy, Eberly College

Xue (Snow) FengXue (Snow) Feng, PhD student
“Drug-drug interactions with oral anticoagulants”
Advisor: Dr. Xi Tan
Health Services and Outcomes Research, School of Pharmacy