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Successful Graduate and Professional Student Leadership Conference Provided Valuable Knowledge to Students


WVU’s 3rd annual Graduate and Professional Student Leadership Conference on Saturday, February 

17, provided students with invaluable leadership knowledge and networking experience. The conference included keynote speaker, Dr. Matthew Jacobsmeier, director of graduate studies from the Department of Political Science, breakout sessions from local leaders and organizations, and a panel discussion on tools and strategies for leading in the twenty-first century.

Emana Rachelle Berry, Black Graduate Student Association President, was elated about the growth and range of this year's conference. “I thoroughly enjoyed our keynote, the group sessions, and the panel. Each part of the conference served a particular role in allowing attendees the chance to hear about, speak to, and learn from local leaders' roles in leadership,” said Berry. “I could tell based on the wonderful conversations I had with attendees that this conference was very helpful in preparing them for the next stages of their programs.”

Will Armentrout, President of the Graduate and Professional Student Senate, assisted with the development of the conference. “The conference drew in some of the most articulate graduate students from all across campus. There was no straining to start a conversation, and everyone pretty  effortlessly interfaced with people and ideas that were new to them.” Armentrout took away valuable knowledge as a participant of the conference as well. “I loved the suggestion of being very deliberate with what kind of legacy you want to leave behind in every group. I think we’re all guilty of passive participation from time to time — sort of the ‘just show up and scrape by’ mentality. Our time is increasingly valuable, though, and if we’re not actively building an organization or a project towards a better future, why are we participating in it in the first place?” 

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LEFT: Emana Rachelle Berry, President of BGSA, RIGHT: Matthew Jacobsmeier, Keynote Speaker     Conference Attendees    BGSA Executive Board and Advisor

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