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Phat Huynh

Phat Huynh

The 2018 Fulbright Global Health Innovation Seminar in Atlanta, GA featured Fulbright Scholar Phat Huynh’s research last month. Huynh is a Master of Public Health (MPH) candidate in the WVU School of Public Health from southern Vietnam. His concentration is Epidemiology.

“I am very proud to be a part of this seminar,” said Huynh. “It is a great opportunity to networking and building friendships with Fulbright Scholars around the world.”

 The Fulbright Scholarship Program, with the help of the U.S. government and  foreign governments, supports foreign and U.S. student exchanges in a multitude of different areas of study. 

“Being a Fulbright Scholar opens so many doors for me in my professional life and personal life,” said Huynh. “Fulbright helps me to reach a new high in my education (pursuing a master’s degree in the U.S.) and change my perceptions of the world in so many positive ways. I have made so many amazing friends and unforgettable memories since the summer of 2016.” 

Before the start of his journey with Fulbright, Huynh finished his Pharmacy Degree in Vietnam. According to Huynh, he was “inspired by two WVU professors who do study abroad in Vietnam.” These professors were Dr. Susan Newfield from the WVU School of Nursing, and Dr. Neal Newfield from the WVU School of Social Work. Both encouraged him to apply for Fulbright and to go to WVU specifically. 

Now in his second year and final semester at the WVU School of Public Health, Huynh’s Fulbright journey is nearing its end.

 “Fulbright has been ‘spoiling’ me for two years of not working and having studying as my main and only task,” said Huynh, gratefully. “However, I am ready to write a new chapter of my life as a Fulbright alumnus.” 

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