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Graduate Assistant Accommodation Request


A COVID-19-related accommodation may occur for a set period of time, within the basic contract period, during which a graduate assistant’s (GA’s) work assignment or terms and conditions of employment may be changed to minimize risk of COVID-19 exposure for graduate students who are at higher risk for severe illness as defined by the CDC or live with someone who is higher risk. Other modifications of a GA assignment related to COVID-19 also may be requested.

A GA with a temporary adjustment in their duties or terms and conditions of employment will still be expected to complete all duties assigned during the contract period.

*Note, if your accommodation request relates to your academic requirements and not your graduate assistantship with the University, please reach out to the Office of Accessibility Services and request an accommodation. This form on this page is only required for accommodations related to your graduate assistantship. The Office of Accessibility Services can be reached here:


1. Discuss with Your GA Supervisor

If you need an accommodation for the Spring 2021 semester, you must fill out an application, even if you received an accommodation for Fall 2020.

The GA should make the request of their GA supervisor for a COVID-19-related accommodation as soon as possible and preferably by November 1 for Spring 2021.

NOTE: GAs should not disclose any specific medical information to their supervisor, and the supervisor should not request such information.

2. Draft an Accommodation Plan

The GA and supervisor should then begin to develop a draft accommodation plan.

3. Submit the Request

The GA should then complete the online Request for Modification form and obtain the supervisor’s signature. The GA’s department chair also acknowledges that the request has been made by signing the form.

The form – including the draft accommodation plan – should then be submitted to

If the accommodation request relates to a medical condition that the GA has and the existence of the condition is non-obvious, then the University’s ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Coordinator or Medical Management may reach out for medical documentation and the GA may be required to submit additional paperwork.

4. Review and Approval of Requests

All accommodation requests are subject to review and approval by the Provost’s Office. Accommodation requests relating to a medical condition also are subject to review and approval by the ADA Coordinator. The accommodation must be objectively reasonable without undue pressure being placed on any party. An accommodation will be considered reasonable if it does not create an undue burden on the University.