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3MT Finalists

Congratulations to the winners of the 2022 WVU Three-Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition hosted by the Office of Graduate Education and Life (OGEL) and to all the finalists for the fantastic presentations!

First place: Danielle Mikolajewski

Second place: Gregory Martin

Third place: Gabriella Pishotti

People's Choice Award: Rudi Safarudin

Dariane Drake
Advisor: Dr. Erin McHenry-Sober

“Seeing Our Voices”
Higher Education | College of Education and Human Services       

Rachel Hostetler
Advisor: Dr. Ariel Agmon

"Mapping out the Puzzle Pieces of the Brain"
Neuroscience | School of Medicine

Gregory Martin     
Advisor: Dr. Ember Morrissey

“Forest Fires, Friend or Foe?”

Applied and Environmental Microbiology | Davis College of Agriculture, Nature Resource Design 

Danielle Mikolajewski
Advisor: Dr. Matthew Kasson

“Super Donor Transmission in Chestnut Blight Strains”
Plant Science | Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design

 Gayathri H. Palliyage
Advisor: Dr. Yon Rojanasakul

“On the Path to Victory: Overcoming Chemoresistance by Targeting Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts”
Pharmaceutical Sciences | WVU School of Pharmacy

Gabriella Pishotti
Advisor: Dr. Rose Casey

“Survival Migrant Literature and its After-Affects”

English | Eberly College of Arts and Sciences

Rudi Safarudin

Advisor: Dr. Traci LeMasters

“Opioids' Medical Dilemma: Powerful Painkillers vs. Cancer Risks Later in Life?”

Health Services and Outcomes Research Programs | WVU School of Pharmacy

Caitlin Witt

Advisor: Dr. Sarah Burke-Spolaor

“Visit a Black Hole Binary With Multi-Messenger Astronomy”
Physics and Astronomy | Eberly College of Arts and Sciences