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2019 3MT Finalists

Chris B
Chris Burney 
"State and Transition for Tea and Herb Agroforestry Systems"
Advisor: Dr. James Thompson
Plant and Soil Sciences, Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design

Eric Margenau
"Diversity Through Destruction"
Advisor: Dr. Petra B. Wood
Wildlife and Fisheries, Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design


Gihan Uthpala Panapitiya
"Machine Learning Model to Predict Binding Strength of Nano-Particles"
Advisor: Dr. James P. Lewis
Physics, Eberly College of Arts and Sciences
Golnoosh K
Golnoosh Khajouei            
"Water Management, Treatment, and Recovery in Oil and
Gas Production" 
Advisor: Prof. Lian-Shin Lin
Environmental and Civil Engineering, Statler College of Engineering

Katelyn Romm
"Parental Control and Adolescent Problem Behaviors: Who is at Risk?"
Advisor: Dr. Aaron Metzger
Psychology, Eberly College of Arts and Sciences
Pragya Profile 
Pragya Rai
"Immunotherapies: How Does it Affect the Elderly?"
Advisor: Dr. Usha Sambamoorthi
Health Service and Outcomes Research, School of Pharmacy
Quincy Alexander Hathaway
"Mitochondria, at the Heart of Diabetes"
Advisor: Dr. John M. Hollander
Exercise Physiology, School of Medicine

Skye Hickling
"A Brain Full of JNK"
Advisor: Dr. Eric Tucker
Neuroscience, School of Medicine
Tayvia Brownmiller 
"Y Chromosome and Lung Cancer: It’s Not Just About Sex."
Advisor: Dr. Ivan Martinez
Cancer Cell Biology Program, Biomedical Sciences, School of Medicine